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FRA40 (FRA40^)

The CAC 40 represents a measure of the 40 highest values amongst the 100 highest market caps on the Euronext Paris (formally known as the Paris Bourse) weighted by capitalisation.

The index’s base value was set at 1,000, in line with many of the world’s biggest stock markets, at the end of 1987. To date, the index’s all-time high came in the middle of the dot-com bubble, in September 2000, when the value rose to 6922.33 points.

The French companies within the CAC 40 have around 45% of their shares owned by Japanese, German, American, and other foreign investors. This percentage is higher than any other European index of a similar size.

Companies in index: AXA, L’Oréal, Michelin, Renault.


+28.20000 (+0.57%)

High: 5042.14
Low: 4976.44

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