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PairingThe amount of Japanese Yen (JPY) that one can buy for every European Euro (EUR).


EUR – World’s second most traded currency

JPY - World’s third most traded currency

Important factors

  • Weakening euro – After its 1999 introduction, the euro gained strength quicker than many expected, but economic situations globally, and particularly within the Eurozone recently have had an impact on the currency’s value.
  • Other factors – The euro can also be affected by interest rate changes at the European Central Bank, political stability or instability across the Eurozone, and trade and manufacturing levels.
  • Economy – The Japanese yen is most likely to be affected by the economic stability of Japan.
  • Commodities – Due to the size of the automobile trade in japan, commodities closely associated with car manufacturing can also have an impact on this currency.
  • Safe haven – Unlike the euro, the yen has been proven as a steady currency and is therefore popular as a safe haven option, although the Bank of Japan has been known to step in at such times.

+0.93400 (+0.75%)

High: 125.983
Low: 125.962

Product Details

Trading Hours: 24 hours

Minimum Size: 1,000 Notional or 0.01 Lot

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